​​What Peloton Is Missing

Have you ever tried an at-home workout program? I sure have. Nowadays, I’m sure you’ve noticed the new technology coming out: Peloton, Mirror, and other emerging companies, essentially today’s version of the Bowflex and P90X.

There’s no question that working out at home is convenient. It’s on your schedule, there’s no commute time, and you can customize the length of the workout. Yet, no one seems to stick with it long-term. I see Pelotons pop up on Facebook Marketplace all the time. Or, if you’re like me, you did P90X for 90 days and then said, “Now what?”

So what’s the trick to sticking with any workout plan? Accountability through the community.

If you take a look at basically any time period in history, you’ll see that community matters a lot. At first, it was to survive (a few of us will hunt for the tribe while others take care of the kiddos, etc.). It’s built into our DNA to connect with others face to face.

Think about it the way you would think about college. Although it’s theoretically possible to go to a library and study all the necessary textbooks to pass a class, most of us don’t do it that way. We do it in the community, with qualified instructors and peers to give us an academic push. 

At Prowess, it functions the same way. Qualified coaches guide you through the workouts. They use their knowledge to help you excel without injury. Your fellow athletes give you that extra push to finish a workout when it’s tough. And everyone gives fistbumps when the work is done! 

When you’re chatting with others before and after a workout, and have people that genuinely care about what’s going on in your life, you experience a connection that can’t be made through a screen.

This connection is what is missing from your at-home workout program. And it’s what we pride ourselves on.

Inspiration provided by Chris Plentus at CrossFit Kanna:

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