5 Ways Joining a Gym Can Make You Money

We got your attention with that title, didn’t we? It’s not just a catchy headline, though. At Prowess, we truly believe that investing in your health in the present will reap SO many rewards for you in the future. The benefits of fitness go way beyond your bank account, but here are 5 ways that joining a gym can actually save you money! 

1. Better Mental Acuity  

Have you ever gotten a good workout and said to yourself, “Wow, that really cleared my head?” That feeling isn’t just “in your head!” Studies suggest that exercise improves cognitive ability. In his book “Spark,” Dr. John Ratey shows how exercise helps improve focus, fight depression and make better decisions. A sharp mind gives a professional the ability to think through projects, and it gives the entrepreneur the space to develop new ideas or create a new line of revenue. 

2. Increased Energy and Immunity 

Fit people get more done at work, according to research published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. These same people miss less work. Physical fitness builds immunity and reduces many major health risks.

A study in the Journal of Labor Research found that men who work out regularly make 6 percent more than their sedentary counterparts on average. For women, the numbers are higher. Women who workout regularly make 10 percent more on average than those who don’t. 

3. Healthcare Savings

We often call regular exercise (especially coupled with good nutrition) “preventative medicine.” Turns out, the statistics agree: you can prevent significant medical costs by being active. 

A 2012 study by the Journal of the American Heart Association showed a savings of $2,500 per year for people who got adequate exercise.

Some examples of medication costs for 30-day doses of common medications: 

Statins – $36-$600

Metformin (extended) – $235-$1,200

Xanax – $60-$100 

Most folks have health insurance but are still paying co-pays on these drugs. Imagine not only being free of those monthly costs but the mental and emotional burden of medication, too! 

4. Reductions in Clothing Costs

You may even spend less on clothes. The average adult will gain about 2 lb. a year from his or her 20s through 50s. (Yikes!) What this means is that many of us have about three sets of clothes in our closets: What we currently wear, and sets of clothes probably one or two sizes smaller. When our clients are consistent and establish good nutritional patterns, we see them drop clothing sizes or have their clothes fit better. One caveat: You won’t be buying bigger clothes, but you may drop some bucks on smaller ones. But we don’t think you’ll mind that too much! 

5. Reduced Fast-Food Costs

Most Americans (70%) eat fast food three times per week at an average cost of $12.50 per meal. Our members who work on establishing healthy nutrition patterns routinely cut that in half by planning ahead and preparing healthy, nutritious meals and snacks at home. An average savings of $18 per week is $936 saved every year. Plus, they see amazing gains in the gym from eating healthy! 

Written by Andrea Bauer

Originally posted at CrossFit 

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