Aging and Older Athletes

The majority of people reach their athletic peak between their late 30’s and mid-40’s. As we age, our physiological functions begin to decline, and our bodies produce fewer hormones that help us perform strenuous activities. Therefore, basic movement becomes much more difficult. 

You are never too old to continue exercising or training! You may not be as strong as other athletes, breaking any gym records, but you can absolutely participate in training sessions with modifications. Some changes and adjustments are needed, but they can still be useful in everyday activities or situations.

What exactly is “standing up from the toilet”? An air squat. What happens if a person falls and then gets back up? It’s a burpee. How are groceries unloaded from a car? With a farmer’s carry. 

Strength training aids in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, since skeletal muscle loss is one of the determinants of aging. So lifting heavy objects may help in enhancing the bone density as well as preventing the risk of injury. 

This is where a good coach is needed. A coach who will be able to cater and guide you to your fitness needs or goals. Intensity may vary by an athlete in the gym, but the range of motion and movement targets remain constant. 

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