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Your Post-Holiday Reset

As the holiday tunes fade and the festive buzz settles, we often find ourselves in that familiar post-celebration zone—the aftermath of lots of tasty indulgences.

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December Programming Focus

The last month of 2023 will have a focus on consistency while prepping to kick off 2024. With all the holiday obligations and New Years celebrations,

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The Holiday Sugar Rush

At Prowess Nutrition, we have three main nutrition principles that guide how we think about food: 1) focus on whole foods, 2) focus on balance,

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November Programming Focus

November will see a continuation of the general conditioning program. This means we will be practicing with multiple time domains a few times a week, which

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October Programming Focus

The month of an October will kick off our final two strength cycles in 2023. These cycles will have wave loading; increasing and decreasing loads along

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