Expectations and Grace

After a recent conversation, I found myself reflecting that the expectations around me are high. I work in an environment (like most of us do)

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A Lesson In Grace

I recently worked with a client who had incredible results in her first month; she had gained 3 lbs of muscle, and lost 5% body

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Progress over Perfection

How many times have you set the goal for yourself to lose a specific amount of weight, only to find you “failed,” so you give

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Living in the Gain

We’ve all done it: when scrolling through social media, comparing ourselves to others. It’s easy to feel badly about ourselves when we’re bombarded with images

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Flip that Script!

Have you ever had this conversation with yourself? “I know I need to get my eating habits back under control. I guess that means it’s

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To Receive, GIVE

About 15 years ago, I worked for a large international construction company in Washington, D.C. that would often organize local community outreach and volunteer programs.

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