Flip that Script!

Have you ever had this conversation with yourself? “I know I need to get my eating habits back under control. I guess that means it’s time to stop eating those sweets I really like. I’ll probably have to stop getting my favorite Starbucks drink, and I guess I can’t go out on the weekends. Ugh.” 

Most of us feel this way at some time or another when we know we need to make some lifestyle changes. But let’s think about how this conversation with ourselves is framed for a moment. It’s all about what we’re not going to be able to do anymore, right? 

While it may be true that some habits need to be replaced or changed, let’s flip the script and think about this another way. What are your healthy lifestyle changes giving you and those around you? Here are some ideas: 

  1. Adding a balanced breakfast instead of a sugary option can give you steady blood sugars and energy to stay focused at work all the way until lunchtime. 
  2. Creating a bedtime routine to get enough sleep can give you the energy to play with your kids at the end of the day.
  3. Talking through holiday gatherings with your nutrition coach can give you the plan to treat yourself and feel good through the holiday season. 
  4. Making habit changes one at a time can give you a sustainable healthy lifestyle rather than getting caught in the dieting cycle. 
  5. Trying more recipes at home can give you more confidence in cooking healthy meals and save you money! 

If you find yourself having a negative conversation about getting healthy, try flipping it around! What could some of these healthy habits give you? 

Emma Rains 

Nutrition Coach

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