How to Make Huge Changes in Your Life

… start by making tiny changes in your life, one at a time.

In 2003, Sir Dave Brailsford took over the British Cycling Team. He wasn’t a professional coach, and he’d only been an amateur cyclist. 

Rather than scrapping and rebuilding this consistently weak team, Brailsford took a hint from a business strategy called the “aggregation of marginal gains.” He simply tried to improve every aspect of the cyclists’ lives, from their sleep to their equipment, by 1%. A small margin. 

Without bringing in new sponsors or fancy new bikes, he made small changes. Once those changes were implemented, he aimed for another small change that would improve the situation by another 1%. 

In 2008, the British Cycling Team won 8 gold medals, 4 silver, and 2 bronze. This surpassed the total medals of the team’s entire history combined. In one year.  Then Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome, two members of the team, won the Tour de France four times combined over the next decade.

Compiling small, manageable wins works.

Let’s apply this to our health and fitness: you don’t need a complete diet overhaul or a “detox”. You don’t need to work out an hour a day 6 days a week. What you do need to do is find one small change that will improve your fitness or nutrition by 1%. 

If your diet is already solid, you can start by just doing 10 squats. Call it a day. The next day, try for 11, or do 10 push ups. But don’t think about that yet: just move. Don’t get ahead of that day’s task. 

I love having a coach. I just have to show up, and the coach tells me what to do. Maybe that’s your first small step: Sign up for a free No-Sweat Intro and let us tell you what you should do first. Or just do one squat and start tracking your food. We promise, that if you bring consistency, these small changes will add up to HUGE wins. 

Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper:

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