How to Stay Fit When You Get Bored

You started out strong.

You made it to the gym, come hell, high water, or sore muscles. You found a plan online and checked every box. You started feeling more confident in your clothes, and your coworkers commented on how much energy you had. 

And then you got bored.

You realized that no one would really notice if you skipped a day here or there. The workouts are all pretty much the same thing, day after day, anyways. And that one night out with friends got you off track on your diet…and you never quite got back on the wagon. 

What now? How do you get reinspired to continue your program? Here are some tips we’ve tried: 

Phone a Friend

It’s always easier to get a workout in when you have a friend with you. You’ll be doing BOTH of you a favor. In the cold winter months when it’s easier to hibernate than get out there and socialize, the gym can be a great way to connect with friends. 

Health is about more than exercise. We need human connection, so hit two birds with one stone!

Mix It Up

If you’ve been sticking to one type of fitness for a while, try mixing it up. This will get both your brain and your body working in different ways! Our muscles need “confusion” (a change in the routine) to adapt to and get stronger. So, if you’ve been running the same route for months, try adding in some strength training! Or, hit the local trails if you’ve only been working out indoors. 

Remember, fitness is about more than just completing workouts. We like to talk about “using our fitness” to have new experiences and make memories, like trying snowboarding for the first time, hiking a challenging trail, or playing a game of basketball with friends. 

If your gym routine is feeling stale, some novelty can be just the trick you need to help you enjoy your fitness again. The routine you’re bored with now was fresh and new at one point; it’s time to find that fresh feeling again.

Find a Coach

Accountability is the name of the game for long-term health, and working with a coach can help prevent getting stuck in a rut.

A good coach will help keep you on track by setting achievable goals and helping you stay focused on them. 

Inspiration provided by Erin Alsup Ruppert:

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