June Box Bytes

June’s focus will be developing our metabolic conditioning. According to CrossFit’s Pyramid, a hierarchy for the development of an athlete, metabolic conditioning is the second level, just above the nutritional base. The goal is to develop a baseline of cardiovascular capacity where fatigue does not set in prematurely. In turn, we will have the ability to successfully move through short, medium, and long duration WODs with efficiency and proper form.

June kicks off with a 20 minute max meters test to establish a baseline. This baseline will allow us to train with intention and then measure progress through a retest at the end of the month. Throughout the month of June, there will be interval workouts focusing on stamina and pacing, multiple challenging benchmarks, and another test to get that heart rate up.

This month’s programming will have contributions from Chris Hinshaw, founder of Aerobic Capacity. He is considered as one of the best metabolic conditioning coaches in the CrossFit community. For more information on Chris Hinshaw and Aerobic Capacity, check out this link:

Another exciting addition to our programming for the summer will be the addition of weekend hero WODs. Starting June 17th, the Saturday 7:30 am workout will feature a different hero WOD. We will also be choosing a charity or foundation to contribute to each month.

Additionally, don’t forget our Power Hour workout will be June 24th, and we take our fitness outside on June 10th for the Big River Management Hike! As we head into summer, this monthly focus will be awesome for Prowess and contribute greatly to our fitness inside and outside the gym.

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