Meditation: Don’t Overthink It

What comes to mind when you think of meditation? Probably something rather specific: an intense, focused time of deep thought or reflection. Not incredibly realistic for our busy lives, we often think.  But what if we’re overcomplicating it? Maybe that particular meditation style is just not suited for us. 

I have downloaded multiple apps where some peaceful-sounding person talks through a practice, reminding you to let go of your thoughts and focus on your breathing. This works for at most, 10 minutes. Then, I’m back on the hamster wheel at max speed. It’s not that my mind races with negative thoughts; quite often it’s the opposite, but I have an overactive mind and IT NEVER STOPS—apart from when I CrossFit.

During a workout, my mind is completely focused.  I think of the movements, how my body feels, keeping my breathing steady,  and counting how many reps I have left. I am totally dialed in. Maybe this is my form of meditation. I love that for one whole workout, my mind is focused on the task at hand, and the other thoughts and ideas are quiet. Isn’t this, after all, the idea behind meditation?

Wikipedia says this about meditation:

“Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique, such as focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity, to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.”

Defined like that, meditation doesn’t seem so complicated. Is there something that you enjoy, that you get wrapped up in, that takes you away from your normal cycle of thoughts and emotions? Immerse yourself in whatever that is, even if only for a few moments each day.

Inspiration provided by Liz White at Bow Valley

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