Progress over Perfection

How many times have you set the goal for yourself to lose a specific amount of weight, only to find you “failed,” so you give up? 

We often feel that we need to be “perfect” with our nutrition in order to meet our goals. This “all or nothing” thinking can lead us to believe that if we start to deviate from our desired path, we are failing, and then we tend to give up altogether. 

OK, so maybe you didn’t lose those 5 lbs you wanted to in a month, but you lost 3! And you’re making healthier choices when eating out, sleeping better, and hitting some new PR’s at the gym. Well guess what?? These are all signs of PROGRESS toward reaching your goal!

When we focus on hitting our end goals with perfection, this “all or nothing” mindset can make us believe that we have failed when we don’t hit our goals spot on. However, when we focus on progress over perfection, it allows us to embrace a growth mindset, which is far more enjoyable than that of failure with a perfectionist mindset. 

So celebrate the fact that you loaded half of your plate with veggies at Thanksgiving, or that you PR’d your back squat last week. Take a minute to reflect on where you were prior to setting these goals, celebrate how far you have come, and what you’ve learned along the way. Celebrating the small wins of making progress will help motivate us to keep going in order to achieve our goals!

Kristen Van Hull

Nutrition Coach

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