What Are You Willing to Accept

Have you heard the phrase “it’s not your fault, but it IS your responsibility?”

Today, we’re going to talk about responsibility. Though your family, doctors, etc. have some say in your health, ultimately it comes down to you. There may be circumstances that make it difficult to maintain your health and fitness, and they aren’t your fault. But your health is your responsibility. How much responsibility are you willing to take?

Accepting responsibility means saying “Yes, and …?” every time you encounter a setback. It means accepting the fact that it will be uncomfortable. “Yes, I’m scared. And …?” It means accepting that changing your habits is hard. “Yes, it’s going to be challenging. And …?” It means accepting your frailties, real and imagined. “Yes, I’m too out of shape to run fast. I might be the last person to finish the warm-up. And …?”

No one else is going to make you healthy. It’s up to you. You might be starting from scratch. You might hate the thought of exercise and vegetables (… and?) You might be tempted to blame your parents, your doctor, your lazy friends, your job … and it’s true that your current health might not BE your fault.

But it IS your responsibility. 100%. We’re here to help you accept that responsibility. 

Inspiration was provided by Chris Cooper at 


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