Why Do Workouts Seem Different Now?

The definition of CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity.”

“Constantly varied” means fun and balanced. But it doesn’t mean random, and it doesn’t mean our workouts aren’t focused. Members of the personal training program have their workouts created especially for them. Members of our group program have their workouts tailored by the results of the group.

At different times, our group workouts emphasize different aspects of fitness. Sometimes, we focus on strict strength building (time to hit some new PRs) and honing our skills (think double unders, muscle-ups, etc.) During these times, the Bright Spots list on our whiteboard shows all your amazing success! 

At other times,  we shift to longer-duration metabolic conditioning (you can call it METCON if you like). METCONs are FUN. They create a lot of smiles and a wonderland of high-fiving awesomeness. They help us stay engaged, interested, and sweaty. 

But in case you were worried about what happens to your strength during a more METCON focused season, don’t be: our strength training never disappears. Strength training will make you better at running and better at moving fast—it’s the foundation of your fitness. It’s not going anywhere. 

And, because CrossFit is constantly varied, we will return to strict strength-building again in the near future. 

No matter what phase our group training classes are in, know you are getting fitter each time you show up. And that’s the goal, right? 

See you in the box!

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