Why Real Gyms Don’t Look Like Gyms

Are you allured by fancy gyms, with lots of chrome and mirrors a variety of machines to choose from? 

A good gym doesn’t necessarily mean extravagant equipment, a plethora of various machines, or a certain aesthetic look. It does not imply that gym owners are frugal or on a tight budget. Even if these machines are readily accessible and you see people using them doesn’t mean they’re necessary for reaching your fitness goals. People are drawn to marketing gimmicks and flashy equipment, but do they work? The reality is that most gyms just sell you access to their equipment.

In fact, REAL GYMS only buy things that really work, have more free weights and adequate machines such as rowers, barbells, pull-up bars, and boxes, and most importantly, they focus on working on yourself and getting those results.

They want to see clients doing squats, push-ups, and pull-ups because that’s what actually works. Not just by simply relying on those machines, which make it easier because they lock you into a fixed position that does not accurately mimic a functional movement pattern. If you really want to get in shape, you’ll have to move a lot. Fitness does not necessitate the use of a chair, padding, or a seat belt.

Real Gyms and real coaches don’t use that stuff, because professional career coaches whose livelihood is dependent on getting results. They just don’t help clients to achieve the goals they are working hard to get, but they also help themselves improve the way they coach as well as no machines will be left unused.

No wasted space. No wasted time. No wasted effort.

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