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Jason is the owner of CrossFit Prowess. He has over 9 years experience as a full time coach with a background in Engineering. After finding Crossfit in 2010, he began coaching at his original gym in southern Virginia, CrossFit Oyster Point, in early 2011.

He quit his corporate job in the summer of 2011 and spent 8 months learning the business and honing his skills as a coach, with his eyes set
on moving north to open CrossFit Prowess. He made the leap and opened Prowess on April, 2nd 2012. Prowess started small and knew we would expand into the space as the business grew. Jason obtained his CrossFit Level 2 trainer qualification in early 2012 as well as Weightlifting, Kettlebell, Endurance, Mobility, and Gymnastics, among others specialty courses over the years.

With over 10 years of experience as a CrossFit athlete and coach, Jason has taught well over 6000 classes and hundreds of athletes. Jason believes that CrossFit is a means to do the things you enjoy and a path to a healthier life. Our methods have been simple from the start, a coach lead class focusing on general physical preparedness paired with a habits based nutrition program providing knowledge and accountability.

Our focus on building a welcoming community that gives new members an immediate sense of belonging. Our goals continues to be providing a place to move, meet friends, have FUN and feel welcome. We have learned so much, made some mistakes, but also done a few things right along the way and can’t wait to continue being a place that changes lives for the better.

Prowess has become a place where members look forward to coming in and forgetting about the stressors of their day, if only for an hour. Jason is so proud of the entire team at Prowess and we are excited for the future. We cannot wait for what the next ten years of growth and evaluation brings.

Jason Harrington | OWNER

meet your support team

Kristen Van Hull


Kristen’s passion for health and fitness is only surpassed by her enthusiasm for helping others to reach their goals. A two-time Division I National Championship rower at Brown University, Kristen then started competitive running shortly after having her two children, qualifying for both the 2016 and 2017 Boston Marathon. While training for Boston, she took up CrossFit to increase her strength for her running, but she soon fell in love with the sport, and quickly traded in her running shoes for Nanos! The hard work, competitive spirit, and community aspect of CrossFit are what have Kristen hooked, particularly at Prowess. Kristen wholeheartedly believes that nutrition is the foundation of CrossFit, as honing into her diet has personally helped her to see tremendous gains in her overall health and performance. As General Manager, CrossFit Trainer, and Nutrition Coach at Prowess, Kristen is committed to helping people in the East Bay community improve their health and well-being through fitness, nutrition, and the support of like-minded people – and is passionate about empowering and motivating them to get fit and stay healthy for life.

John Harrington


John started CrossFit in the Summer of 2010, and has been a proud member of Prowess since its inception in 2012. John considers Prowess and its community of athletes an important part of his life – it is a place that has become a second family for him, and where he strives to attain his competitive and fitness goals. John earned his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate in early 2018, and now leads our coaching staff as our Head Coach after leaving his job as a construction project manager. John grew up playing sports, and enjoys an active lifestyle, whether it’s playing in recreational leagues or enjoying the outdoors year round. He is committed to creating an inclusive environment at Prowess that fosters positive change to improve the overall health and wellness for all members.

Nicholas Agosta


Nicholas started his fitness journey in 2010. What started as a healthy outlet for a kid who struggled with body image and self-esteem, evolved into a lifestyle rooted in self-improvement and growth, overall health and wellbeing, and a genuine love for helping others achieve their fitness goals and improve their quality of life. Nicholas currently holds a CrossFit Level 1 Certification and an Advanced Coaching Concepts Certification. He is also certified in personal training, strength and conditioning, and kids fitness through ISSA. 

From 2013 through 2016, Nicholas was the Athletic Director for a private school in New York, where he prepared students for their sports season and instilled the importance of hard work, determination, and teamwork. Nicholas found his love of CrossFit in 2015, and became certified in 2018. A true student of the sport, he continually pursues opportunities to expand his knowledge of the CrossFit methodology and become a better coach. He is also pursuing a degree in Kinesiology at the University of Rhode Island. 

Nicholas has had the privilege of working and belonging to multiple CrossFit communities throughout his career, and is happy to have found a home with Prowess in 2022. He is committed to creating a positive training environment for all, and believes the work we do inside the gym not only improves our fitness and health, but also helps develop skills that will lead to happiness and success outside the gym. In addition to coaching, Nicholas is a C-130J Loadmaster in the Air Force. He loves spending time with his wife, Sara, and dog, Kilo, as well as hiking, archery, and talking cars and comics.

Emma Rains


As a Type 1 Diabetic of 15 years, Emma has learned a lot about nutrition and how different foods affect the body over the years. When she started CrossFit three years ago, Emma got to put a lot of that knowledge into practice and learned how to fuel her body even better through the Prowess nutrition program. The healthy habits Emma put in place helped her feel stronger in and outside of the gym. As a nutrition coach, Emma values putting what she’s learned into practice. She loves meeting people where they are at to create the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, so they can spend more time doing the things they enjoy! 

CrossFit Trainer Todd Rains

Todd Rains

CrossFit Trainer

A native of Idaho, Todd joined Prowess and experienced CrossFit workouts for the first time after moving to Rhode Island in 2019. He loved the constant improvement, coaching, and community from day one. As a customer success and design professional, CrossFit has been a transformational part of his life ever since joining Prowess. In January of 2024 he completed his CrossFit Level 1 certificate and started coaching at Prowess with the goal of helping others experience the growth and confidence that comes from consistently challenging yourself in a supportive, friendly environment.
Coach Emily Sorrentine

Emily Sorrentine


Emily is a longtime friend to Prowess Fitness + Nutrition, starting her CrossFit journey in 2012. Emily comes to Prowess with a depth of knowledge in the health and wellness space, having graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science in Education majoring in Exercise Sciences with a minor in Nutrition. While at UVM, she played Division I Softball and completed a practicum with the Strength and Conditioning department. Emily currently works full-time as a director for a Boston based medical company that develops transformative therapies to eradicate Type II Diabetes. She is an avid cyclist, and you can catch her most the year riding the back roads of Seekonk and Rehoboth. Emily has two daughters, Stella and Callie, and when she is not working and being a mother, she is cheering on her husband TJ, who coaches Men’s Basketball for Brown University. Go Bears!
Prowess Fitness & Nutrition Coach Kyle McCartin

Kyle McCartin

CrossFit Trainer

Kyle is a fitness enthused father of three young active boys. He has always been very competitive and self driven by nature. In high school he played basketball, volleyball, and tennis. In adulthood, he found CrossFit and became instantly hooked. He competed in multiple competitions throughout New England, coached group classes, created personal and group style programming, as well as conducted one on one personal training. He has also pursued various certificates along his professional fitness journey, including his CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaching Certificate, and Action Personal Training Certification. Kyle enjoys encouraging his clients, creating personalized fitness plans, and helping others achieve their goals.

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Prowess Fitness & Nutrition respects and follows the letter and spirit of the Massachusetts Antidiscrimination Law. We support and protect the dignity and worth of everyone. We provide equal rights and opportunities for all employees, clients, and volunteers. We do not tolerate harassment or unwelcome comments and actions. We will take prompt action if such problems occur, including failure to follow any rules or regulations, for reasons of nuisance, disturbance of others, moral turpitude or fraud, or if we determine that your actions may endanger yourself or others.