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Jason is the owner of CrossFit Prowess. He has over 9 years experience as a full time coach with a background in Engineering. After finding Crossfit in 2010, he began coaching at his original gym in southern Virginia, CrossFit Oyster Point, in early 2011.

He quit his corporate job in the summer of 2011 and spent 8 months learning the business and honing his skills as a coach, with his eyes set
on moving north to open CrossFit Prowess. He made the leap and opened Prowess on April, 2nd 2012. Prowess started small and knew we would expand into the space as the business grew. Jason obtained his CrossFit Level 2 trainer qualification in early 2012 as well as Weightlifting, Kettlebell, Endurance, Mobility, and Gymnastics, among others specialty courses over the years.

With over 10 years of experience as a CrossFit athlete and coach, Jason has taught well over 6000 classes and hundreds of athletes. Jason believes that CrossFit is a means to do the things you enjoy and a path to a healthier life. Our methods have been simple from the start, a coach lead class focusing on general physical preparedness paired with a habits based nutrition program providing knowledge and accountability.

Our focus on building a welcoming community that gives new members an immediate sense of belonging. Our goals continues to be providing a place to move, meet friends, have FUN and feel welcome. We have learned so much, made some mistakes, but also done a few things right along the way and can’t wait to continue being a place that changes lives for the better.

Prowess has become a place where members look forward to coming in and forgetting about the stressors of their day, if only for an hour. Jason is so proud of the entire team at Prowess and we are excited for the future. We cannot wait for what the next ten years of growth and evaluation brings.

Jason Harrington | OWNER

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Kristen’s passion for health and fitness is only surpassed by her enthusiasm for helping others to reach their goals. A two-time Division I National Championship rower at Brown University, Kristen then took up competitive running shortly after having her two children, qualifying for both the 2016 and 2017 Boston Marathon. While training for Boston, she took up CrossFit to increase her strength for her running, but she soon fell in love with the sport, and quickly traded in her running shoes for Nanos! The hard work, competitive spirit, and community aspect of CrossFit are what have Kristen hooked, particularly at Prowess. Kristen wholeheartedly believes that nutrition is the foundation of CrossFit, as honing into her diet has personally helped her to see tremendous gains in her overall health and performance. As General Manager, CrossFit Trainer, and Nutrition Coach at Prowess, Kristen is committed to helping people in the East Bay community improve their health and well-being through fitness, nutrition, and the support of like-minded people – and is passionate about empowering and motivating them to get fit and stay healthy for life.



John started CrossFit in the Summer of 2010, and has been a proud member of Prowess since its inception in 2012. John considers Prowess and its community of athletes an important part of his life – it is a place that has become a second family for him, and where he strives to attain his competitive and fitness goals. John earned his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate in early 2018, and now leads our coaching staff as our Head Coach after leaving his job as a construction project manager. John grew up playing sports, and enjoys an active lifestyle, whether it’s playing in recreational leagues or enjoying the outdoors year round. He is committed to creating an inclusive environment at Prowess that fosters positive change to improve the overall health and wellness for all members.



Jarrett began his CrossFit career as an athlete training at Prowess in early 2012, within a month of its opening. One year later, he began coaching at Prowess, and has proven to be a great asset to our community. Jarrett has since continued his education in CrossFit, obtaining his Level 2 Certification in 2014. He has become an excellent coach, and our members appreciate his ability to clearly communicate, encourage others, and provide effective teaching cues. Although, what we most love about Jarrett is his uncanny ability to perform any physical task with nearly perfect form!



Lindsey started CrossFit in 2015, about a month before she became pregnant with her twins. Continuing CrossFit through her pregnancy helped keep her spirits up during the hardest months of the pregnancy. Lindsey’s recovery was also much quicker than after her first pregnancy. Lindsey says, “I was in better shape than I had been since being a full-time college athlete. I was hooked pretty much right away.” Lindsey joined Prowess in 2017, and was quickly drawn into a community that was fun and supportive, with coaching that allowed her her advance safely and confidently to a higher level of performance. Lindsey obtained her CrossFit Level 1 Certificate in May of 2017, continued her training with the CrossFit Kids Seminar in July 2017 – and hasn’t looked back since. Lindsey says, “I enjoy every day that I can get into the box, whether it is to WOD or coach (or hopefully both), and crave it if I absolutely cannot get there. I have a special place in my heart for the Prowess members who have become an extended family for my little Brickles.”



Kyle started CrossFit in 2011, to prepare for an obstacle race. As a runner and soccer player throughout high school and into early adulthood, he was hesitant to fully commit to CrossFit. However, after some encouragement from friends, he started with twice a week and after a month, he was going every day. He found that the enthusiasm and welcoming nature of the community made for an easy transition for him, and he quickly became part of something that was much more than the sum of its parts. Kyle originally decided to become a coach as a way to learn how to move better and improve as an athlete. However, the more involved he became within the community, the more he wanted to contribute and help others as they helped him – and he’s been coaching ever since. Through coaching, Kyle has realized how great an impact working with others and helping them improve has had on himself. He is truly grateful to be part of the Prowess community, and to have the opportunity to help others, while growing with the community at the same time.



When I first came to Prowess, I had done a lot of workouts on my own, so I figured “hey, this will be just another workout, right?” Wrong. I had no idea how much I could grow in my fitness with the help of amazing coaches and community. I came because I wanted a good workout; I stayed because of the people. When I joined the nutrition program, I found even more awesome support. It truly changed my life. As a Type 1 Diabetic, I personally know the importance of fitness and nutrition in everyday life. I am passionate to help others get and stay healthy, and feel confident. I am so excited to join the Prowess team, and work to bring my personal experience in nutrition together with the amazing program we have. The combination of intense workouts and good nutrition is incredibly powerful, and I want as many people to experience that as possible! I can’t wait to continue growing with Prowess as a nutrition coach and future fitness coach.