June Programming

Summer is here, and we are going to kick it off with some great Fit programming in June! This month will feature a Fran retest, the benchmarks Cali Bear and Barbara, a hero workout, and a workout on Father’s Day. The skill sessions will shift to a focus on strict and kipping handstand push-ups while we will also see an Olympic lifting complex each week in preparation for the next Oly cycle.

We pivot for Flex this month from an accumulation cycle to an intensification cycle. That means we go from a volume bias into an intensity bias because it is time to get STRONG. This back-and-forth between volume and intensity is the secret sauce that makes Flex so effective.

For this next strength-biased cycle, we will use a 5×5, 6×4, and 8×3 progression to build toward a 3RM in the back squat, bench press, and weighted pull-up. You can expect to see each of those rep schemes for two consecutive weeks, allowing for just enough progressive overload before moving on to the next rep scheme. The smaller sets should allow for a significant increase in load throughout the 6 weeks, while keeping the total number of working reps relatively the same. Also, keep an eye out for some anaerobic intervals. 

Sweat workouts will continue to be long, fun grinders, and we will be introducing one day per week of just monostructural work with running, jump rope, and machines.

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