2024 Programming Outlook

In 2023, Prowess made the exciting move to adopt NCFIT programming, and the results have been fantastic! NCFIT not only delivers comprehensive yearly programming focuses, but also provides detailed monthly summaries, ensuring a well-rounded and effective fitness experience for our members.

2024 will bring us a four-phase approach to programming with specific focuses on engine, strength, explosiveness, and skill:

Phase 1: January, February, March – Building the Engine and Refining the Top Gear for High RPE Efforts

Phase 2: April, May, June – Building Muscular Endurance and Refining Grind-Pacing in Longer Workouts

Phase 3: July, August, September – Building Explosive Power and Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast Cruising Speed

Phase 4: October, November, December – Building Strength and Skill Sets Across Broad Time and Modal Domains

For the month of January, we will be starting the first yearly phase called “All Gas.” The workouts will focus on building our engines during high RPE workouts. Each week there will be multiple RPE 9-10 workouts coupled with previous CrossFit Open WODs. This month will also kick off a six-week progressive overloading strength cycle for the Back Squat and Deadlift. Strength sessions will occur post workout to simulate a lift after an Open WOD.

Lastly there will be a couple benchmarks programmed. These will include the NCFIT Benchmark called “Death Row,” which will be retested in April, and the classic CrossFit Benchmark “Karen,” 150 wall balls for time! 

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Prowess Code of Conduct

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