April Showers Bring Spring Produce

Spring in New England is a pretty magical time. As the days get longer, flowering trees bloom and our heavy winter coats get pushed further to the back of the closet. I especially love that first day when it’s warm enough to open the windows and let in a fresh breeze. 

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the changing seasons, especially spring and summer, is to incorporate some seasonal produce in my meals. Here’s why I love it so much: 

Although it’s easy to find any kind of produce year-round in a traditional grocery store, seasonal produce doesn’t have to travel as far as most out-of-season fruits and veggies. Because of the shorter transport times, seasonal produce can be picked closer to its peak ripeness. That means more nutrients make it to your dinner table! 

Fruit and vegetables at their peak ripeness also tend to taste much more flavorful than their well-traveled counterparts. Less transportation also means that it’s more affordable, and who doesn’t love that? Plus, if you can find local, seasonal produce at a farmer’s market or CSA share, you’re also supporting the local food business! 

Here’s some ideas on how to incorporate April and May seasonal produce items into your recipes: 

Parsnips: an earthy, nutty vegetable, parsnips make a great addition to great sheet-pan roasted root vegetables. Try this recipe! 

Arugula: this crisp green has a slight peppery flavor, making it a fun addition to almost any salad. Try this creative arugula watermelon salad or a more basic side salad

Spinach: packed with nutrients, spinach can be added to almost any salad, omelet, or even a smoothie! Try this breakfast scramble recipe! 

Asparagus: seeing asparagus on sale in the store can mean only one thing: spring! I find it perfect when drizzled with some olive oil and salt, and roasted at 425 until tender. See this recipe for more thorough instructions! 

As temperatures continue to rise throughout the spring, keep your eye out for weekend farmer’s markets, produce stands, and produce marked “local” in your grocery store. Once you start experiencing the flavor and fun of fresh, seasonal produce, you won’t look back! 

Emma Rains

Nutrition Coach

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