July Box Bytes

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with NCFIT as our new programming provider, enhancing the Prowess experience. NCFIT’s programming philosophy and structure aligns with our goal of providing fun, and varied workouts for our community. The structured programming offered by NCFIT is designed to provide challenges, build strength, and advance skills for every member. With carefully curated cycles, we aim to enhance strength and gymnastics capacity, while incorporating a wide range of movements. Each week, you can expect five distinct types of workouts: Effort, Sprint, Grind, Heavy, and Quality. Get ready for an incredible fitness journey with Prowess and NCFIT!

Check out NCFIT’s annual programming overview:

Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is an integral part of NCFIT programming.  Daily workouts will have an RPE score from 1-10, which enables an understanding of the prescribed loading along with the desired stimulus.

 • 1 – 10% → No loading / No Intensity
• 2 – 20% → Very Light warm-up pace/feel
• 3 – 30% → Light warm-up pace/feel
• 4 – 40% → Moderate-Light pace/feel
• 5 – 50% → Moderate pace/feel
• 6 – 60% → Moderate+ pace/feel
• 7 – 70% → Moderate-High pace/feel
• 8 – 80% → Sub-Max High pace/feel
• 9 – 90% → Very High pace/feel
• 10 – 100% → Absolute Max pace/feel while still maintaining sound mechanics

NCFIT’s workouts are separated into two categories, Performance and Fitness.  Performance will have all the skills, loading, volume, workout structures, time domains, and benchmarks you would expect in a well-rounded general physical preparedness program. Fitness keeps things more moderate across the board while maintaining a goal to develop, test, and challenge athletes with limited variety in fun, engaging, and effective workouts. All of these workouts will be scalable to an athlete’s needs.

July Focus

July will kick off our three month capacity focus. We will build on the metabolic conditioning focus from June with a bias towards anaerobic workouts – “all gas, no brakes.”  These short, fire breathing, pedal to the metal WODs will test our ability to move consistently with an increased heart rate under a level of fatigue.

Every week of the month will feature an Olympic Lifting technique day and heavy day. There will be a one rep benchmark test for the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, which will be retested towards the end of the three month focus. Two other notable benchmarks; Fight Gone Bad and Diane will be programmed during July. The focus on capacity will also include gymnastics movements. Pull-up, Toes to Bar, and Ring Muscle-Up endurance will be our monthly priority. 

Lastly, the Summer Hero WOD series will continue to be programmed on Saturdays at 7:30 am. In July, we will take on Hotshots 19, McGhee, Bert, Victoria and Glen. During this series and in the spirit of honoring these great heroes, we will be raising funds for some great charities that embark on missions to support veterans.

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