March Programming

March is CrossFit Open month! Fit programming at the beginning of the month will get us primed and ready for Friday or Saturday to take on the Open workout, while also getting a solid week of training in.  Post-CrossFit Open, we will have Leading Ladies Week to celebrate National Women’s Month by programming some classic female benchmarks. These workouts will include Fran and the Hero WOD Laura! The month will also feature skill sessions for the strict pull-up and handstand holds.

Flex will have familiar programming through the first half of the month. We will wrap up our Maximization Phase consisting 10×10 and 8×8 sets, then transition into our next cycle that is geared toward maintaining high volume but also building the intensity and loading. Training will consist of pushing heavier loads while still hitting higher volume supersets. This month will also focus on building to a 5 rep max in the Front Squat, Bench Press and Sumo Deadlift.

Don’t forget about Sweat, as we continue to program 45 min grinders that fire up your heart rate and build that cardiovascular capacity!

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Prowess Code of Conduct

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