September Programming Focus

September will be a prep month before our final strength cycle of the year. The overhead squat and bench press will be featured in weekly workouts for exposure before they are a focus within the strength cycle. While working through the most recent Olympic lifting cycle we did not see as much pulling from the ground, but this month there will be an emphasis on deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, and odd objects.

Metcons will shift to aerobic that are pure general physical preparedness burners. Each week, conditioning workouts will consist of heavy days along with time domains that are short, medium, and one long WOD. Double-unders will be a major focus within our skill sessions. The goal is increased double-under capacity that will carry into the CrossFit Open. Lastly, we will see some awesome benchmark retests, which will be a great way to measure our individual fitness levels!

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Prowess Code of Conduct

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