The Power of Immediate Action: Accomplishing Small Tasks for a Productive Day

Listening to Jason Kalipa in Chicago in June at a gym owners summit, he discussed his philosophy of an “AMRAP mentality.” Attacking tasks in your daily life like an AMRAP in the gym. Yes, it might be challenging, but if you focus on that one task, do your best, work hard until the time is up, then move on. Another game-changing productivity strategy that stuck with me is approaching your simple daily tasks with a similar mindset. 

“I’ll do it later…” a seemingly harmless phrase that has the potential to derail our productivity and leave us with a pile of unattended tasks. We’ve all experienced those moments of procrastination, putting off small chores or responsibilities to deal with them later. But let me ask you this, how often does “later” actually come?

If you find yourself constantly deferring small tasks, you’re not alone. The good news is there’s an effective technique that can help you break free from this cycle of delay and catapult your productivity to new heights – it’s called the “Two Minute Rule.”

The Two-Minute Rule: Goodbye Procrastination

So, what is the Two Minute Rule? The concept is simple: if a task takes two minutes or less to complete, do it immediately. Whether replying to a work email, changing into gym clothes for your daily workout, or practicing that new hobby you’ve been eyeing, taking immediate action on these small tasks can profoundly impact your day.

What difference can two minutes make? Let me tell you, it’s astonishing. When I incorporated the Two Minute Rule into my life, I was amazed at how many times I was prompted to adhere to this self-imposed guideline during the day. All those little tasks we usually put off accumulate over time, creating mental clutter and contributing to that ever-growing to-do list.

Unlocking Productivity and Discipline

Implementing the Two Minute Rule not only saves you time but also serves as a powerful mindset practice. You cultivate discipline and a sense of accomplishment by training yourself to address small tasks immediately. No matter how small, each completed task fuels your motivation to tackle more significant projects and challenges.

Embrace the Immediate Action Mindset

The key to making the Two Minute Rule work for you is embracing the immediate action mindset. When you think, “I’ll do it later,” challenge yourself to reconsider. If the task requires two minutes or less, remind yourself of the power of now and get it done immediately.

Embrace the habit of tackling small tasks promptly, and witness the transformation in your daily productivity. Remember, those four words “I’ll do it later” may have held you back in the past, but now, armed with the Two Minute Rule, you have the tools to conquer your to-do list like never before!

Start small, act immediately, and watch the domino effect of productivity unfold in your life.

Jason Harrington

CEO & Founder

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